Book: The Storytelling EntrepreneurStorytelling in business works. It enhances memory, enthusiasm and commitment in listeners. But where do you get the stories from and when should you use them? The Storytelling Entrepreneur was developed during workshops held by business consultant and author Melissa Addey with real-life entrepreneurs at the British Library’s Business & IP Centre.

It includes:
How to find the right stories and when to use them; creating a Sacred Bundle of your organisation’s history, values and magical moments; the six stories you should learn by heart and using stories at every stage of the entrepreneurial journey.

The Storytelling Entrepreneur offers you a new path to business success, through deeper and better communication with the people who matter most: your investors, customers and employees.

Available in paperback and as an eBook.Unknown

Praise and reviews

“Succinct enough to be digested on the run, practical enough to meet immediate needs and far reaching enough to take you to the places you dream of, Addey has created the essential guide to storytelling for entrepreneurs.
Sue Hollingsworth MBA, Director of the Centre for Biographical Storytelling

“As a professional speaker, public speaking coach and storyteller, I found this book comes from a really unique and exciting perspective of the importance of storyteller for small business and entrepreneurs. Full of insightful and useful storytelling guidance, tips and exercises. It is a must read for those wanting to master the art of storytelling.
Elaine Powell

Feedback from workshop attendees 

A new way of thinking about and interacting with my business! Genius!

Brilliant: engaging and inspiring!

The best session I’ve been to at the British Library or the City Business Library: thank you.¬†