I’ve written for a few magazines on a range of subjects from travel to mythology.

mslexia-logoIn 2016 I did a three month blogging ‘residency’ at women’s writing magazine Mslexia, entitled The Pram in the Hall, where I argued that Cyril Connolly was wrong: rather than children ruining your creative chances, they can enhance them, as you experience a change in priorities, a rush of creativity and a new-found lack of fear. I also looked at how we can harness the same creative triggers without children around. Below, the links to my posts at Mslexia:

The Pram in the Hall

1: Cyril was wrong         2: Stranger in a Strange Land       3: Changing Times           4: Writing Together

5: A Helping Hand         6: The Sound of Silence

Juno magazineI’ve written a lot for Juno, an alternative parenting magazine, including articles on being home educated and on interesting gifts for children as well as three fairytales based on local mythologies from across the world:
– The Washerwoman and the Trolls
– The Island of Coloured Houses
– Kameko and the Monkey-King

Most recently I completed a one-year column called Playing with the Elements, which focused on how children and families can interact with fire, water, earth and air. You can visit the Pinterest boards I set up for this series, which each have over fifty ideas for fun activities linked to each element. Happy playtime!